Christine's Pet Service - We go above & beyond for your pet & you!

Our Mission
 To give your pet a safe, comfortable
& happy experience while you're away.  

* Licensed
* Pet First Aid Certified

The Best Job in the World! 

More than a job, it's my passion! I'm Christine and I ADORE my precious four-legged friends.I can't think of anything I'd rather do than take care of your pets while you're away & help you have a worry-free, relaxing, fun vacation!
I've devoted my life to the care & well-being of animals-- all animals. It's my purpose & a responsibility I take very seriously.  As a voice for the voiceless, I strive to act with compassion for animals in all areas of my life. I follow a strict vegan diet, do not use, buy or wear any animal products, nor do I support society's use & abuse of animals for fashion, food, commercial profit, entertainment, sport & laboratory experiments. With great respect & appreciation for all animals, it's my way of doing all I can to alleviate animal suffering & make this world a kinder place to live in. 

During the time I spent managing a sanctuary (Oasis Animal Sanctuary in North Branch, NY) and a pet boarding facility 

(Hope's Garden Resort in Virginia Beach), I gained hands-on experience in all aspects of animal care and a great appreciation for what it takes to provide the best care & service. It means going above and beyond in attention and dedication to my four-legged guests and their families. It's giving an extra walk to a dog who's a bit restless, refreshing their water bowls more often on hot summer days, being available for phone calls 24/7, reporting any unusual behavior, any cause for concern to you ASAP, taking detailed notes of each day I spend with your pet, & more.
Ask our clients! My clients are happy to share their experience with my service & care of their pets. References are available-- as many as you'd like-- or visit our Testimonials page on this site.

Rates & Services 
Rates may vary based on travel time/distance, number of pets & special requests (administering medication, extra visits or longer walks, etc.). 

At this time, there is no extra charge for holiday service or late cancellations. While we appreciate advance notice for cancellations, we understand that "life happens" & advance notice is not always possible. Any questions, please call757-663-1428.

Includes fresh water, playtime.
  • 20 minutes, $18.
  • 30 minutes, $22.
  • 45 minutes, $25.

Overnight Dog Sitting 
At your home where your pets are most comfortable, includes walks, playtime, meals, special requests. 
  • One to three dogs, $70/overnight, 12-hr. stay.
  • Mid-day visit, $18-$25
Cat Sitting (also birds, hamsters, rabbits)
  • 30 minute visit. $20.       
  • 45 minute visit. $25.
  • 60 minute visit. $30.
Vet Appointment Service 
Transport to/from vet hospital, $35 flat rate.
Home services
  • Water plants
  • Bring in newspapers/mail
  • Turn on/alternating lights
  • Open/close blinds
  • Take trash cans out/in
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or call 757-663-1428. Thank you! 
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